eMCee ON 10.14.16//  premiere runway

The many talents of this international academia graduated designer, who owns a unique charm and charisma, have catapulted him into places and spaces that he would have never ever imagined. From being nominated as an international fashion ambassador (to a well-known menswear brand), or being hand-picked and secured by producers as on stage talent and/or official emcee to multiple fashion, and design oriented events, or be sent to report LIVE national red carpet award galas. This former fashion model and former fashion set designer, now parades showrooms, ateliers, design schools, runways and fashion shows across the world spreading the word on the importance of the importance of design and the significance of creating a personal style. 

Nominated as a judge to several beauty pageants, fashion competitions, design contests, design panels, Oscar’s is always giving his impressions and establishing a point of reflection about a design problem or a design matter. He is being invited to write about his impressions around the world of fashion and design in many publications, and to work side by side with international producers as a fashion stylist, set director or creative director. 

Oscar’s increasing social media popularity have publically positioned him as a man of elegance and style, and has created naturally a presence and popularity around himself as the to-go-man when it comes to style. In 2012, and by request of so many, he launched a portal with his experiences, What Would Oscar Do (www.whatwouldoscardo.com), a style journal and blog highlighting his architectural vision and fashion insight.

He serves several non-profit organizations as a board member, and have served as a chair and co-chair in several galas to benefit several agencies. His latest project was received and acclaimed in Arizona as a very unique occasion to visit the town. He was the creative co-chair for the annual gala of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) and through his connections, creativity and know-how, plus the firm pulse of his team, he was able to bring a number of designers from all over the world with their very privee collections to Arizona. A large of gowns worn by international stars such as Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Nicky Minaj, amongst many others. All in a once night gala, with more than 200 fashion models and the largest catwalk and red carpet ever seen in the state. A weekend gala and exhibit by the name of “SMoCA Mix – Fashionably Avantgarde”.

A curious mind when it comes to design and style, Oscar can be found sketching architectural projects, design stages, styling celebs, creating photo shoots, traveling, pumping iron, shopping, or relaxing in Phoenix home with his handsome husband, Gary, and their pug, Hugo, a dapper chap who has his own following. 

Oscar is a FORB/Robert Black Agency talent, and can be found in all social media platforms under #oscardelassalas.