Group Show Designers

Friday, October 18th, 2013


The Premiere Runway will feature 15-20 complete looks by four (4) emerging designers, Group Show Designers along with Betsey Johnson/Steve Madden collection on the runway. FORD Modeling Agency and Fringe Hair studio will provide models and style experts.  ​

See Betsey Johnson Collection


Océane Kim


Born in Hawaii and an U.S. Army Veteran, Océane's passion and dream is fashion design. Primary genres of influence are military, Asian culture, and English royalty from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Her principal interest is in the details and technicality involved in bringing a creative impulse to life in the from of a finished garment.

Océane Kim currently attends the Art Institute of Tucson.
Rob Easter, Josh Bloemendaal & Smith Darby


Too Strong Black.jpg

Too Strong is a shop and brand that are focused on all things ethically and thoughtfully made. "Non-disposable consumables!" is their mantra because of an appreciation for things built to stick around throughout the owner's lifetime. Besides being critically made, their shop is dedicated to being a humble resistance against companies that take advantage of communities in less developed regions under the infamous sweatshop regime. There will not be a "Made In China" tag in their shop, instead tags that will read "Made in AZ"! To build anything from a pair of jeans to a button down shirt, Arizona is the perfect place to source the raw materials needed; cotton and copper. Not only is cotton and copper aplenty around Arizona, The U of A is the entity responsible for developing what some consider the world's most almighty strain of cotton, appropriately given the name "Pima". This is their bread and butter. The garments Too Strong carries and the garments they make are all focused on being apart of restoring the quality manufacturing heritage that the US had in the past. There a three men behind the brand who met in Tucson. They were inspired to found the company from living in San Francisco and Brooklyn, seeing first hand the passion being put into the resurgence of this industry in America. Rob Easter and Josh Bloemendaal manage the business, education, shop curation, etc while still mostly living in Brooklyn. This gives them the opportunity to be in the thick of the action and learn from a multitude of heavy hitters in the industry. The day to day operations of the shop are handled by a Tucson artist by the name Smith Darby, who has serious sewing chops from his background in sewing custom car interiors. For now Too Strong is an appointment only situation until the factory is fully built out in mid 2014. But their collection can also be seen at popup shops at various places in the Southwest, mainly San Diego, Phoenix, and of course Tucson.

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